What is Gum Recession?

Periodontics is the field of dentistry that involves the gum tissue, ligaments and alveolar bone. Most often, patients are referred to our office because they have periodontal disease or require gum-related surgery. Our goal is to provide this care in a warm, comforting environment. Our team of specialists is trained to handle all areas of periodontics. Gum Recession, a form of periodontal disease, is when the gum tissues surrounding a tooth starts to migrate down the tooth, exposing the root. If untreated, bacteria may gain access to the underlying bone, causing bone loss.

What treatment is available for Gum Recession?

We offer two different types of options when it comes to treating gum recession.The Pinhole Surgical Technique is a specialized technique which requires additional training after residency. This technique involves making a small pinhole into the gums and using specialized instruments to loosen and stretch the gums over the exposed tooth roots. Tissue grafting can be performed to cover the exposed roots using special tissue.

What makes you a good candidate for treatment for Gum Recession?

Most of our patients who need or want gum recession treatment are able to find the procedure that works best for their needs. Because we have multiple options available, you can choose which choice is right for you and what works best for your oral and dental health. With the help of a consultation and examination, we’ll determine if gum recession is present and which procedure is right for you. Our goal is to enhance your smile and protect your teeth from decay and exposure.

What to expect during the procedure for Gum Recession?

Because there are two different types of options available for gum recession, what you can expect will vary from one to the other. A consultation will be performed for you prior to any treatment.  We will examine your teeth and assess the areas where gum recession has taken place. It is important that even after treatment, you take precautions in preventing further gum recession. We can help in answering any of your questions regarding gum recession treatment.

If you have gum recession and want to know more about your treatment options, call our office today so that we can help in answering your questions.

Gum RecessionGum Recession
Gum RecessionGum Recession
Gum RecessionGum Recession

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