Treatments – Pocket Reduction Procedure

What is the Pocket Reduction Procedure?

Healthy gum tissue fits around each tooth snugly, providing protection from harmful bacteria and infection. When you have gum disease, small pockets form around the teeth that allow bacteria, plaque and other debris to get deep inside. This makes it incredibly difficult to keep these pockets clean, which further affects the area. Pocket reduction involves reducing the size of these pockets, making at-home and professional periodontal care more effective.

How do I know if I have periodontal disease?

Dr. Gohel goes over the early signs and symptoms of periodontal disease.

Why is Pocket Reduction needed?

Pocket reduction is typically needed if you have moderate to advanced periodontal (gum) disease. The procedure helps healthy tissue attach to healthy bone and reduces the size of the pockets around the affected teeth. This prohibits the progression of the disease and encourages better hygiene. You are able to keep your teeth and gums cleaner and healthier because of the benefits of pocket reduction.

Who is a good candidate for the Pocket Reduction Procedure?

Those who are good candidates for pocket reduction surgery are patients who have either moderate or advanced gum disease. The procedure is typically performed on those whose pockets around the teeth have become too deep to keep adequately clean. This can eventually result in tooth loss as well as bone loss in the area. The procedure is designed to reduce the size of these pockets and promote healthier gums.

What can you expect during the Pocket Reduction Procedure?

You’ll first come in for a consultation and for an exam done by our doctors. The procedure itself involves folding back a portion of the gum tissue and thoroughly cleaning out the pocket. This allows us to get deep into the pockets that would otherwise be impossible to reach. Any irregular areas of the bone are reshaped to prevent bacterial adhesion and further infection. The procedure encourages healthy gum tissue to attach to bone in the area, reducing the size of the pockets and making them easier to keep clean with at-home and professional care.

If you think you may need or will benefit from pocket reduction, call our office and we’ll be happy to get you in for a consultation appointment.

Treatments – Pocket Reduction ProcedureTreatments – Pocket Reduction Procedure
Treatments – Pocket Reduction ProcedureTreatments – Pocket Reduction Procedure
Treatments – Pocket Reduction ProcedureTreatments – Pocket Reduction Procedure

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