Treatments – Guided Tissue Regeneration

What is Guided Tissue Regeneration?

Guided tissue regeneration is performed on patients who have advanced periodontal disease. Both a bone and soft tissue grafting can be performed in areas where both of these components are inadequate. The grafting uses specialized growth factors and membranes to ensure full and optimal bonding of the new grafting material. The procedure is easily done and can be effective at reversing the damage of periodontal disease.

How do I know if I have periodontal disease?

Dr. Gohel goes over the early signs and symptoms of periodontal disease.

Why is Guided Tissue Regeneration needed?

Most often, guided tissue generation is needed if there is not enough soft tissue or bone in a particular area of the mouth. For patients with gum disease, the condition slowly and eventually has an impact on the bone and tissue. This causes severe damage and can even lead to tooth loss. Guided tissue regeneration works to replace missing gingival tissue as well as bone underneath using grafting materials and carefully placed collagen membranes.

What makes you a good candidate for Guided Tissue Regeneration?

To be considered for guided tissue regeneration, you need to have more advanced periodontal disease. This is not an effective or optimal treatment for patients who would benefit instead from non-surgical treatment. You will come into our office for a consultation as well as a full examination to determine if you’re a good candidate for the procedure. This is a type of oral surgery, so you must be healthy enough to undergo surgery.

What can you expect with Guided Tissue Regeneration?

First, you will receive either local or general anesthetic of your choosing. We will discuss your sedation options during the consultation appointment. Next, the graft is placed either over gum tissue or bone. A collagen membrane or gel is used to promote adequate growth and bonding of the new graft. Once healed, it is important to come in regularly for periodontal screenings. This helps to retain oral and dental health as well as prevent progression of gum disease. The procedure is ideal for most of our patients and is easily done in-office.

If you are interested in our surgical periodontal techniques and treatments, call our office today and we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.

Treatments – Guided Tissue RegenerationTreatments – Guided Tissue Regeneration
Treatments – Guided Tissue RegenerationTreatments – Guided Tissue Regeneration
Treatments – Guided Tissue RegenerationTreatments – Guided Tissue Regeneration

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